Our capabilities

Technical Excellence

We provide technical excellence to the renewables market, primarily in onshore and offshore wind.  Our team of over 150 experts provide intricate detail and knowledge to project owners, investors and operators.  

Our roles typically call on this expertise to perform component inspections, investigations and due diligence - providing concise and reliable information to our clients.

Typical areas of expertise include:

  • Asset inspections and condition reporting
  • End of Warranty inspections
  • Serial defect investigation
  • Commissioning inspections
  • Component monitoring during manufacturing

Financial Experience

We provide market intelligence, investor strategy and acquisition advice to the worlds leading renewables portfolio holders.

Our global market experience, coupled with in-depth knowledge of project contracting and finance, allow us to bring clarity to a renewables portfolio strategy.

We have supported and represented some of the Worlds leading financial institutions, bringing knowledge to their approaches and negotiations and assisting them in acquisitions - from single turbines through to multi-billion Euro assets.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain

We bring experience in supplier selection, auditing and performance monitoring - to ensure key components and services to assets are completed to quality, schedule and cost expectations.  

Typically including experts placed within suppliers, we provide the depth of knowledge to ensure every intricate detail of the components is completed and documented correctly.  This greatly reduces the potential for premature failures in operation.

We also provide global manufacturing strategy experience, with the ability to investigate and plan new facilities for import/export or manufacturing.  We have vast experience of major infrastructure projects for renewables manufacturing, such as port facilities and manufacturing facilities.