Recent projects

Recent Example Projects

  • Hi-Risk component observations during manufacturing for major offshore wind projects
  • Technology advisor on wind turbine components to the European Commission for developmental technology review and patent granting process 
  • Due Diligence of operational offshore wind park during Vendor Due Diligence process
  • Rotorblade and bearing specialist advisor to leading offshore wind asset owner 
  • Advisor to wind turbine project developer on turbine technology selection for major offshore project
  • Review of offshore wind turbine maintenance materials, processes, contracts and documentation for certification and recommendations over new technology and processes to optimise offshore repairs  
    Expert Witness to developers in case related to wind turbine damage during warranty, and ongoing review of work to restore condition 
  • Root Cause Analysis of failed turbine components onshore on 2-4MW wind turbines for asset owners and investors, with representations to insurance underwriters and preparation for expert witness documents  
  • Manufacturing surveillance leadership of blade overhaul/repairs and major refit to existing blades with defects from design/manufacturing   
  • Support to blade development team on new technology add-ons for existing turbines, to optimise performance and improve energy yield  
  • Support to turbine development team on new technology add-ons for existing components to improve operational performance  
  • Analysis of turbine component capital investment costs for manufacturing facilities for leading OEM  
  • Finite Element Analysis, design review and sub-article testing of 60m rotorblade for 5MW wind turbine as part of a critical design review for in-service wind turbines  
  • Expert witness for major offshore developer in case related to blade technology and structural performance of new rotorblades using novel manufacturing system  
  • Development support for novel manufacturing technology for wind turbines, including patented materials and technology/processes.   
  • Overview (as asset owner) of manufacturing of the largest turbine component tooling ever produced in Asia/ME
  • Advisor to major developer on rotorblade technology selection for 80 WTG wind park in Europe  
  • End of Warranty inspection and handover inspections of turbines, including use of novel technology for inspection of components in-situ  
  • Standardisation of global wind turbine component manufacturing, including factory operations, processes and materials in 6+ manufacturing sites  
  • Development and construction support of new manufacturing facilities for wind turbines in Europe and China